All New Eric Singer and

Marina B Signature Heads

Eric’s batter head is a heavy 2-ply medium coated. Its hoop is made from black carbon steel to add even more strength when fitted into our locking collar, which is already guaranteed not to pull out for life. In addition, each batter head features Attack’s Tone Ridge® for great sound.


What’s a Tone Ridge®?  It’s a split-level design built right into the edge of the head to give great durability and take out just the right amount of unwanted overtones for a fat rock sound—without having to use any external muffling device that chokes the sound.


Eric’s snare-side head uses single-ply medium film that produces a dark, full sound. The head also comes with a black carbon steel hoop and is guaranteed not to pull out for life.


Batter and snare-side heads alike all feature the Attack logo at the top and Eric’s signature (in green) at the bottom, giving the heads a striking appearance


ES14C   14” Coated Tone Ridge                     Retail  $38.25

ES14M   14” Medium Clear Snare Side          Retail  $35.25


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