Signature Series

Eric Singer Snare Drum Heads

Eric’s batter head is a heavy 2-ply medium coated. Its hoop is made from black carbon steel to add even more strength when fitted into our locking collar, which is already guaranteed not to pull out for life. In addition, each batter head features Attack’s Tone Ridge® for great sound.


What’s a Tone Ridge®?  It’s a split-level design built right into the edge of the head to give great durability and take out just the right amount of unwanted overtones for a fat rock sound—without having to use any external muffling device that chokes the sound.


Eric’s snare-side head uses single-ply medium film that produces a dark, full sound. The head also comes with a black carbon steel hoop and is guaranteed not to pull out for life.


Batter and snare-side heads alike all feature the Attack logo at the top and Eric’s signature (in green) at the bottom, giving the heads a striking appearance.

ES14C    14” Coated Batter Tone Ridge®  Retail $38.25

ES14M    14” Clear Snare Side                  Retail $35.95



Marina B. Drum Head System

Marina Bozzio is known as the # 1 female drummer in Japan. In addition to Marina’s personal success, her band Aldious was rated the #1 all girl band. She contributes further to the percussion industry with her unique batter head, which made from a 1000 gauge Dupont Mylar S film coated with our industrial Duracoat. Our steel hoop is guaranteed not pull from the collar for life.


Marina Bozzio also has a Blast Beat snare side head which is unique from anything else on the market.  This thin snare side head offers a coated strip that allows the snares to give any snare drum a darker sound than normal heads.  This effect is almost like having a calf-skin strip where the wire snares lay.  The result is a great heavy metal sound with plenty of bottom end.


Marina’s Blast Beat + is a snare side head that is made from a thin film.  This head is coated, except where the snares lay.  This gives the result of a louder snare sound with controlled overtones.  Both snare side heads are guaranteed not to pull out of the steel hoop for life.


Change the sound of your snare drum with Marina Bozzio’s Blast Beat snare side heads.


Also, check out Marina Bozzio and Attack Drumheads for other great sound idea’s!

MB14C 14’’ Coated Batter              Retail $38.25

MB14SSD 14” Blast Beat                Retail $39.75

MB14SSO 14” Blast Beat +             Retail $42.75

MBPACK1 1-MB14C 1-MB14SSD   Retail $70.30

MBPACK2 1-MB14C 1-MB14SS0    Retail $72.85



The Terry Bozzio Patented Signature Drumheads combine traditional Made-In-The-USA mylar with our superior steel hoop. For Terry’s solo, melodic playing style, tuning heads to actual notes is critical and his design has made tuning much easier.


A more bongo-like collar fits perfectly over the bearing edge without forced tension and stretching, resulting in no dead spots. Because of the perfect fit, the heads can last up to twice as long.


Terry Bozzio 1-Ply Coated

TB6C     6''                  Retail $19.50

TB8C     8''                  Retail $20.00

TB10C 10''                  Retail $21.50

TB12C 12''                  Retail $29.50

TB13C 13''                  Retail $30.00

TB14C 14''                  Retail $32.25

TB14CO* 14"              Retail $32.25

TB15C 15''                  Retail $34.50

TB16C 16''                  Retail $36.50

TB18C 18''                  Retail $48.00

TB18C-BD 18" Bass    Retail $51.50

TB20C 20''                  Retail $68.75

TB22C 22''                  Retail $75.75

TB24C 24''                  Retail $77.25

TB26C 26''                  Retail $83.00

TB28C 28''                  Retail $89.50

*Traditional Collar



Terry Bozzio 1-Ply Clear

TB6     6''                  Retail $19.50

TB8     8''                  Retail $20.00

TB10 10''                  Retail $21.50

TB12 12''                  Retail $29.50

TB13 13''                  Retail $30.00

TB14 14''                  Retail $32.25

TB15 15''                  Retail $34.50

TB16 16''                  Retail $36.50

TB18 18''                  Retail $48.00

TB18-BD 18" Bass   Retail $51.50

TB20 20''                  Retail $68.75

TB22 22''                  Retail $75.75

TB24 24''                  Retail $77.25

TB26 26''                  Retail $83.00

TB28 28''                  Retail $89.50



Terry Bozzio Bass Drum Heads

Clear, Coated and Thin

TBNO18*    18'' Clear    Retail $51.50

TBNO20*    20'' Clear    Retail $70.75

TBNO22*    22'' Clear    Retail $78.00

TBNO24*    24'' Clear    Retail $78.75

TBNO18C* 18'' Coated  Retail $51.50

TBNO20C* 20'' Coated  Retail $70.75

TBNO22C* 22'' Coated  Retail $78.00

TBNO24C* 24'' Coated  Retail $78.75

*No Overtone



Thin Black

TBBL18 18'' Retail $55.00

TBBL20 20'' Retail $86.50

TBBL22 22'' Retail $88.75

TBBL24 24'' Retail $91.50

TBBL26 26'' Retail $93.00

TBBL28 28'' Retail $98.75








Charlie Adams Signature Head

14'' Coated Bottom Dot

CAB14C  RETAIL $14.50



Bobby Rondinelli Signature Head

14'' Medium Coated Bottom Dot

BR14C  RETAIL $15.00



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